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Our team is prepared to provide first class service and attention.


We specialize in providing high quality services in private security.


We form security elements that meet the needs of our clients


We are moved to feel part of your project, and to protect what you value most


  • Commitment
  • Loyalty
  • Responsibility
  • Human Touch

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Industrial Division

We have the relevant permits and trained personnel to offer intramural industrial security services, thus attending to your needs in security booths, company interiors, and access controls, as well as extramural security, where our guards can support you in prevention work and response in outdoor areas, such as parking lots, patios, or vehicle inspection. We always guarantee punctuality, honesty and zero staff rotation, as well as having backups and a robust structure that allows us to operate in independent work groups simultaneously.
Making your life safer


Guardias Goliat


To achieve each objective that we set ourselves in each of our projects, we have a strict process of analysis of situations and context, allowing us to create a timely and effective strategy accompanied by three elements of great importance:

each person recruited by Goliat must go through a series of filters and examinations (physical, knowledge, and psychological) that give us certainty about their capabilities and behavior, allowing us to provide confidence and have zero turnover of personal.

We have adequate training facilities, where our guards are thoroughly prepared, to always give you the best response.

We know that the image and the equipment that is provided to the staff is essential for carrying out our work in the best way, therefore, our uniforms are always matching and in good condition, in addition to this, we have the necessary provision of tools for every element, according to the area in which they are trained.

It is arduous but effective work. The only way to verify that things are being done well is by seeing them, which is why we have a team of supervisors who specialize in taking data every time they visit a service site, this then informs our coordination and allows us to maintain continuous improvement.